7 Reasons Why We All Should Be Building The Helium Network … Together, And Right Now.

If you’re wondering what the Helium network is, it is the worlds first peer-to-peer people powered network. It ‘s a wireless revolution powered by the Helium Blockchain that represents a paradigm shift for decentralized wireless infrastructure. Most importantly, you can get paid for taking part in this.

In order to build the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network, Helium has gathered a team with a diverse, yet complementary, skillset within radio and hardware, manufacturing, distributed systems, peer-to-peer and blockchain technologies. The core team developed the idea in 2013 and it’s finally rolling out. If you’ve ever heard the phrase “Blockchain technology is the future” Helium is just one reason as to why.

You have a series of Low radio wave devices that also connect to Longfi devices. LongFi delivers roaming capabilities and supports micropayment transactions so customers only pay based on network usage without needing to deploy gateways or network servers.

You may have never heard about this but would like to be a part of it. Well, good news, you can! And that’s what we’re hoping to accomplish before you finish reading this. Now you have a direct contact that can assist you or anyone in receiving a FREE hotspot. Yes, FREE. Here’s a list of approved hotspots and I’ve check out the websites of the manufacturers. None of these babies are going for any less than $500… believe me I’ve searched far and wide.

This list was found on https://www.helium.com/mine#hotspots — And more than likely this s what you would be receiving for free.

You’re more than welcome to manufacture your own, as long s it connects to the network, but that’s way over my area of expertise.

Now, You’re You’re probably going “Great another favor someone is asking me for, What’s my advantage to requesting this Helium Hub/HotSpot from you?…what’s in it for me?”

Well I’m glad you asked… because Oh, is there ever a plentiful overflow of reasons for you, friends.

7 Reasons why you should be helping take part in building the Helium Network, the largest wireless infrastructure in the world.

  1. The Free Hot Spot that provides the data to your devices is also a Miner of the Helium Token. and you can either pocket the money you mine, or use it as data credits and power your home data network with it. After option two, Whatever is left over after you’ve paid for all phone/internet monthly data, the tokens are yours at that point to keep, put it in a crypto wallet, or sell them on the market, or stake the tokens to accrue a higher yearly yield, (I’m always staking coins, so this is the one I’m going after.) No more phone bills/internet bills. As an example, for the courtesy of privacy, I did not include the name of the hotspot nor the location. However, you can check any random miner as pictured below, and this random miner mined 9.08 HNT in the last 30 days. And they received their LoRaWAN Miner two months ago. You can find this information at https://explorer.helium.com/
9.08 Helium Mined in 30 days

In the Last 30 days go by, the median price range of 24.50 (I think the average would be more like 21.50?) multiply by 9.08

Courtesy of Tradingview.com — from Oct 1 to just the very little we’ve entered into October 30, 2019. Current price is $31.68 per Helium Coin.

That is approximately $195 per month in mining fees at an average of 21.50 That’s a decent car payment or most of my bills. I would use enough data to get rid of my internet and phone provider and stake the rest, personally)However since the news broke regarding number 6, that number is going to continue to rise and you’ll most likely be averaging over $400 in mining fees now with this new deal. After you read 6, you’re going to want to jump on this offer.

2. The data is LoRaWAN (Low Radio Wave Area Network) technology, so it doesn’t waste up all your energy mining this, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other Proof of Work Crypto Currencies. There is a site where you can easily go to see where people have their regular laptop rigs as crypto mining setups. See below the purple “Top Options by Algorithms”. I did hide the names of the miners for privacy purposes.

Here you can see that these miners are losing money as negative percentages are by the amount of with their rigs compared to how much electricity they are using to run them. This will NOT happen with Helium

3. Once you have decided to sign up, (because you will) You can then take the power into your own hands and send 10 people mining assessments that you would like to refer. You will receive commissions from any referred person that is actively engaging in the network and mining. I wouldn’t waste a good Mining assessment on your Granny who isn’t going to understand. To get started, just shoot me a message on any of my social media’s, or if by email, BodiesWix@gmail.com, put “Helium” in the subject line so I know what it is about. Otherwise, I may skip it and toss it out s that email is full of people trying to sell me something (oh the Irony). And let me know what country you are from if not in the U.S. because I believe Helium is in over 90 countries. Additionally, I’ll need an address and a nickname for what you’d like to call your hot spot. This will allow me to generate a mining assessment for you to see if one is needed in your area. And to request the free miner for your referrals location.

4. If this is something you know you’re going to be good at, possibly door-to-door cold call marketing, or if you’re in a very rural area that genuinely just needs internet (My mother and father are both live like this, their Wifi is a “hotspot” tablet that Verizon provides them.) Talk to your neighbors, If you’re in the middle of nowhere, I guarantee they’ll be easy to sign up, even if they are 80 years old and they have to call their grandchildren to understand, talk to them and help them understand that what they’re doing is something that has never been done before. (Almost like helping NASA land on the moon, we each get a piece of that)

5. You make money, They make money, you’re bringing the internet to an area that may have never had it before. It's cheaper than a worst service you can possibly get out there, but it’s the best service you’ll ever get is powered by the blockchain and crypto. Everybody wins.

6.***Edited with new info*** Helium has struck a deal with DISH Network to selectively pass along Hot spots to people that may be near you. And if they send a device to a customer that’s your neighbor, and you have yet to reserve your device, you will be out of luck. This information just made things a lot more urgent! Click here for articles regarding this new information revealed 4 days ago.

News Broke about this just 4 days ago!

7. Even if you just want to sign up or if a free Helium Hot-spot Miner to help the Helium network, or you could go the opposite direction and you could see a lucrative business idea that you take on as your own, in rural areas or suburban areas, All it takes is one message and we’ll get you set up.

Now what?

I NEED NEARLY 100 PEOPLE TO MESSAGE ME ABOUT THIS. Shoot me a message with your address, phone number, and nickname for the hotspot. If you don’t feel like giving that to me personally, that’s ok as mentioned. We can figure out a medium of discussion. Just remember if I’m not able to get you the Mining Assessment, there’s a big risk that comes along from withholding that information. I will still provide the link to reserve one, but I can’t promise that you’ll get the mining hub. If you want to take a crack at signing up, be my guest, click here!

Blue Dot = information sent but resting party did not reply and reserve their Hot Spot in time |Red Dot = Reserved Hot Spot | Green Dot Hot Spot Online top the mainnet and mining Helium Crypto
A lot of uncovered territory

Now, We have expanded across the globe. So If you live in Europe Asia Australia, Africa, it doesn’t matter where you come from! As you can see in the above photo we have many people interested as the red dots are secured free spots, the blue are people that requested information but didn’t claim their spot so they could lose out, and if you see a green dot, that is a hub spot that is mining and already launched on the main net. If you’re interested in being a part of this new crypto-oriented data venture and a brand new idea, then take a few seconds to shoot me a message that you are interested and I’ll help you get set up!Or click here to chance it. But I’d prefer a message.

Again, If you don’t feel comfortable with giving me your address through DM, we can try to communicate another way if you feel better that way like using, Wickr, FaceTime, or Telegram. And you can still sign up via my referral link that I’ve provided above. And you can still sign up, I just won’t be able to promise you a spot if I don’t have all the information. Helium is currently “Wowa weewa” (I say it like Borat) $31 per token and growing (I edited it from $28 earlier, it was $18–22 consistently there for a while) and I suspect it will be going up faster once we get the hotspots delivered in the spring/summer. At that point, it will be about outpacing the competitor…. because there is only one competitor that I can see, and that competitor is #Starlink. Yes, Elon Musk’s side project he spends 3% of his time on. We get it, he’s got the “rich man” satellites to do it. But Helium IS THE FUTURE of wireless networks among many other things. So this isn’t just about your phone bill or internet that you can’t get in a rural area. Helium has a lot of plans a head with this venture.

To build the path to a greener and smarter Earth starts here

99% of you should’ve already clicked the links I provided to sign up just out of curiosity.

So let’s help each other out by jump starting into the next level of revolutionary BlockChain Technology. Think about it, if you could’ve said, I helped start Apple or Tesla and got paid for it, wouldn’t yo have wanted. todo that? You can literally say, “I helped Helium start the wireless data revolution” 10 years from now and all you have to do is message me or find the links above.

Just FYI, Helium is already used by businesses like SalesForce, Agulus, Lime, Airly, Nowi, Digital Matter, Lonestar Tracking, One Planet Education Network, My Devices, Invisileash, Conserv, Careband, Mimiq, and Nobel Systems. Just check out their website for more info https://www.helium.com/ but to get the free Helium Hot spot, message me asap. And If you prefer another method of communication, let me know, I’m open to any kind of communication. Thanks for reading this. Look forward to hearing from those that want to change the world! Or maybe just a giant leap for mankind.

— Bodies X Wix a.k.a. Ted Z.

This is an image pulled from Google search that is Heliums Logo. In no way shape or form is this promoted or paid for by Helium
This is an image pulled from a Google search that is Heliums Logo. In no way shape or form is this promoted or paid for by Helium



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