As BodiesXWix Aspires to be an Independent Financial Adviser, they give away one month free of their Locals Memebership. Small fee after the 30 days ends, Tyler of BodiesX Wix says it will pay for itself 20 fold as he mentioned he’s not allowed to provide Financial Advice and speaks from his Experience as a Smart Money Trader.

Just as he wants to jumpstart his entrepreneurial career, He also mentioned the education he provides will demolish profits on Crypto Futures. Where can you participate in Futures you ask?3 Great Central Exchanges that I know of. 1) Kucoin — My go-to exchange. 2) LBank 3) CoinEx

As the regulations around Crypto futures seem to be a mystery, some companies are taking it into their own hands and treating it as if it is worse than trading the Foreign Exchange Markets. While other Central Exchanges see it as an opportunity to help the industry grow. I’ve been trying to fact check but all I can find is that the leverage can be no more than 5x and margin no more than 10x. these were only in articles that passed by, I have yet to find anything from ccongress specifivally except for the banning of some addresses, Which is ridiculous because anyone can fidn up for a bew Exchange at any moment

Whenever I first started trading and investing, I was the typical person…. I was clueless to say the least. I thought Robinhood was the answer to all my problems. Maybe if you’re just trying to set back a few bucks ever pay period on established companies, that’s all fine and dandy… But I was looking for something more.

Most of my followers or “Fans” I guess, don’t realize I was a really horrible alcoholic not so long ago. It was to the point that I didn’t care about my credit card bills unless it had money on them so I could buy alcohol and if I didn’t have a drink, I was shaking so bad, I probably would’ve had a seizure. All those nights in the hospital trying to sober you up and you just can’t do it. It’s crazy when you finally get dosed with reality and that dose hit me hard.

After going through my twenties and early thirties I was not saving for retirement because a) I made a decent amount of money but as an alcoholic, nah, you can’t prepare for retirement, alcohol is all you care about. And b) even though I had a 401k from a great job at a great Tech company at the time, i was forced to move back to my rural area, and lived off my 401k as long as I could. I moved from a small town to a big city, then back to the small town. I thought this was the way life was going to be and I accepted that.

After I finally had many conversations with loved ones and others, I realized I needed help. Not once, nor twice, But I went to rehab 3 times for being physically dependent on alcohol. After my third showing, I could not bear to see my family and friends disappointed in the way that I was taking care of myself. Or lack there of.

I won’t give much more details about that part of my life, but After I finally became clean, it took a couple of years for me to finally understand life. I still don’t but I have a better grasp on it than I did 3 years ago.

I moved away from the City and back to my rural area, and the economy here may not be great, but I’m able to get by and with just as much money, so in essence, I’m making more, now. But that’s what I want. Going through My 401K from the job that let me go for being drunk at work made me realize I can’t do this again or I’ll have nothing to show for it. My first job after moving back home offered a 401k after a year, After I finally got it, I looked at the mutual fund and laughed. 6% growth? At this point I was taking my mentorship and knw what to do. So I called The company and made sure it was ok that I had multiple options down. They said yes. In one month my Growth went from 5% to 14% (Primarily because I added a good chunk of real estate that I knew Black Rock was buying up.

That being said, I have a lot of ambitions. I’ve taught Myself Everything from Producing music SQL computer language to Figuring out how to create a podcast and try to market myself, to Creating a crypto Mining Rig, to building a small solar-powered station. I did go to College as an Entrepreneurship major so that was a help. I help prominent jobs during these times, I produced the Midwest Emmy Awards, and I was a Junior Analyst and head of compliance for a tech company. I was the Jack of all trades and King of none, and still am as I just got a promotion in a field I’m not familiar with.

Luckily, I had a friend from back in the big city I was from, and she posted a Facebook story about her trades from her mentor. And immediately sent her a message. Next thing I know I’m signing up for iMarkets Live.

iMarkets Live is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company that I do not suggest anyone ever take seriously. That company did not care if you were a good trader, they only vared about if you were a good salesperson to recruit the next person to their horrible organization. So many Instructors on the roster, all with inflicting information. They had a “Harmonics detector” for forex and claim it was 85% accurate. That 85% came from the tiny trades that were so small you would never catch them in time. I tried going straight Harmonics detector for signals and lost so much money. I was in shock, because everything I had saved and invested in went down the drain. And for $185 a month, I was definitely just burning money.

Commitment Of Traders Report At Bottom. Top is Retail (Everyday people), Middle is Large Speculators (Hedge fund managers), Bottom is commercial Speculators (Biggest Banks)

Then came Trading. At first, it was just meant for me to set money aside type-of-thing and hope it’s still there when I get older. I literally had no idea what I was doing, so I was investing the QQQ and the XLK, I mean Technology ETF’S are important right? But putting $20-$50 in there every once in a while was not going to help. Luckily I did a live broadcast on Youtube and this guy that watched was try9ing to tell me what bitcoin was going to do. So I explained to him on camera what smart money was. I said “ That’s what everyone is expecting, The institutions will push it down first to cover the imbalance and then it will come up).; The guy waited most of the night after I didn’t and sure enough I was right. So right in fact he messaged me on Telegram.; And I’m grateful for that because he knew way more about Sticks than I did and he got me in $CAN last year before it drove up. I spent $250 at $4/share and I sold when it got to $21share. He sold higher. He was a smart guy, but he didn’t completely give himself to the idea of Smart Money, You can’t be half in half out with Smart Money Theory. It doesn’t make sense that way. I’ve tried. You have to let go absolutely of everything you’ve been taught and learn analysis backwards.

But I stumbled upon Mauricio in IML… he seemed like a great teacher, it was a completely different concept where the rules didn’t change. So I started watching his videos and studying his work. And for such a young person, It was hard to believe he knew this very complex yet easy concept. And in Mauricio’s chat one day, someone mentioned Michale Huddleston, and how he was the originator of the idea that Mauricio was teaching. I knew names like Elliott, Gann, and Wyckoff as traders with original ideas, but not this guy. So I started asking questions and out of nowhere … well … Mauricio Snapped “Do not use other Instructors that are not from IML in the Chat!!!” He Exclaimed. I knew something wasn’t right. Why am I paying so much money to be told not to look into other people’s work?

Luckily, this place was full of backstabbers, and we found out that one of the people on my “Team” received a phone call from someone else and claimed they would be moving over to their team. In other words, he tried snatching someone from our team out from under us so our guy didn’t get the residuals from bringing him on. Plus a lot of people lied, showing paychecks on how much they made and said it was from “Trading.” You don’t get a paycheck from trading, you get it instantly. But I’m a firm believer in free-market capitalism, and if they did that for their own personal gain, the newcomers will find out, and the place will fall apart. You can only run an honest business to be profitable. Later that week, our team then had a discussion on what to do. We decided the company wasn’t for us. Most of them followed my friend that invited me to a new company. I was the lone wolf and took the private mentorship. Because I wanted to be good at trading so I could convince people that I could recruit them and earn the extra income that way. But I couldn’t learn, I was forbidden to look at other traders’ work. Which has led me to today, I will start mentoring my own students and carving my own path.

But After the meeting and they went their way, this is when I then decided to look into this Michael Huddleston a.k.a. the Inner Circle Trader, who does not advertise, does not show his flashy cars, Is not a frat bro on social media, does not show his face because he wanted the ideas to speak for themselves. His intention was that he was a programmer and he would program bots to trade for him. He learned fast that it wasn’t possible and how bad the markets were manipulated. And yes, Mauricio was plagiarizing Mr. Huddleston’s teachings, Almost word for word sometimes, but Mauricio did have to rename certain vocabulary words that Michael created that he had thought of to describe his method of teaching, and it was then apparent who the real owner of this idea was, and this Idea was called “Smart Money.” After I discovered Michael J Huddleston in the Fall of 2020, I knew this was my calling. I had finally found what I was in desperate need of.

I was accepted into Michaels Mentor Program in December 2020 and it was a year-long program. We were suggested not to trade in the first year as it would cause bad habits, and I understand why now. (Something IML did not care to tell us) We were only able to study price action the first year and paper trade in the second year. (I guess you could trade if you wanted to but if you didn’t have the discipline yet, the patients, You would lose it and end a trade in the red and lose money or not wait long enough to get the full potential) This gave us time to save money instead of burning it. But since I had already been studying his methodology on Youtube, I already knew what he was looking for us to do in the mentorship. And No, I did not trade in the Forex Market during that year he suggested us not to. However, He did not teach anything in the Crypto Market. So I decided to take that into my own hands.

At first, I was Paper Trading toward the end of the mentorship, maybe October/Novemeber of 2021. And even though the Foreign Exchange Market May just be a little different from the Crypto Market, Michaels Principles are in every Market. So I dug my heels in and flattened my face in front of every crypto Chart I could find. Crypto is 24/7, there’s no stopping it. My paper trades gave me confidence enough that I started using live funds. That was not in the Syllabus from Michael, but Neither was Crypto. So I set out to be the first to exclusively use Smart Money Technical Analysis in Crypto Markets. The Crypto Markets have a lot more to offer, a lot more reward, and a million times more risk. The swings are so much wilder than the Forex Market. And Crypto has an Extra Kill Zone (Time of Volatility) So I followed Michael even further while money managing and time managing my account. Because I knew I had made thousands of dollars in the Crypto Futures markes. I don’t bet on Coins. I know a handful of coins and I study them to know their bias. Just like Michael Studies EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCAD. I study Bitcoin, Ethereum, And then I’ll mix up Layer 2’s like AVAX, FTM, METISDAO, MATIC, BNB, etc.

The primary Crypto Traders aren’t actual traders. They’re known as Hodlr’s. Fine By me, I watch you go broke holding on to your “Precious” coin While I’m the figurative guy in the back winning Dominoes, No one wants to take the dominoes with them. Everyone thinks you have to buy a coin or token in the Crypto market, and a lot of them, and Hold onto them until they finally make you money…. No, that’s called investing. And at one point that may have been true Like when Solana first Came out, yeah I bought it at around $15-$20 then sold it a year later at $115-$150. However, the phenomenon of the coin going 5 times the amount it was,it is no longer true now. May be the last hope The Crypto market is oversaturated with coins and tokens that taking such a strategy would send you into bankrupty.

That’s when I learned how to trade Crypto Futures. And by Following Michael’s footsteps with the Forex Market being Similar to Crypto Futures. I started Small with putting money into Futures account. Now I’ve almost quintupled my account.

I know that was a really long a very out of the way to say what I wanted to say as the message of this article. And the message was to say, I’m more than happy to report that I’m a profitable Crypto trader. And I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Michael Huddleston, a.k.a. Inner Circle Trader.

I want to retire early. That was my idea after coming back to my hometown with no future and wealth. But now, I want to be that person who helps people feel comfortable in retirement. I’ve been helping my mother decipher financial records regarding her retirement/401k/pension etc. and I thoroughly enjoy it. And I may make decent Money in Manufacturing but It’s still tough to make ends meet when you have a DUI case Pending, a busted car, and when your catching up on the credit you forgot was important because Alcohol was more important.

September 28, 2019 was my last drink. And hopefully my last drink forever. And from now on I am making a pledge that All proceeds from Donations that I receive from my Locals Account, Crypto Donations, (See QR Codes Below) Donations that people send via PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, or Streamlabs Tips (Will provide info), I promise that I will ensure that those funds will be removed as cash and/or put into savings (Probably USDC Savings that will grow 12% APR).

THIS IS WHY I’M OPENING UP MY LOCALS PLATFORM TO EVERYONE FOR FREE FOR A MONTH. I want to prove to everyone I can help them retire if they don’t take my financial advice, but instead listen to my previous experience in financial situations. I may be unconventional when it comes to Crypto Trading. But I wouldn’t have +$300 these past two weeks if my trading did not work. I’ll provide video proof of that as well.

P.S. This is where things get complicated. There are multiple FINRA Licenses I need to receive in order to do what I want to do. However, I do not need to take all 33 Exams for a total of $5441 (Not Including Travel Expenses). However, I do have to take the Practice Exam ($80) I believe the series 6 is if I were to work at an Edward Jones-type place, where that exam is ($75) I would Like to take the Research Analyst Exam(s) $225 and $150. The Futures Exams, there are 5 of them totaling $500. There’s more actually but I’m not sure what I can do with them. (Source: counting Study Material. Amazon Book says $35 but has terrible reviews. Udemy has many courses which would be much better than a book, but again, anywhere between $15-$200 per exam. Whatever it takes, My goal is to prove to people that my tradings methods work and then move to a legal financial planner with all the correct certifications.

Please give my Locals Community A month of your time, it’s free with this link / promo code. SMARTMONEYMARKETS If you think It’s not worth your time, you’re free to walk away :)

Here Comes the Barrage of ways to pay me. And personally, The way I feel about this, just join the Locals Community, Trade when I say to trade (I mean’’ this is not financial advice, just think about what I will be experiencing) You’ll Possibly Make that money too make that money and want to stay in my program. That’s how I feel and that’s why I’m giving the month away free. Whether you have a vacation to look forward to, a broken-down lawn mower, Need a room painted, Pro Dress for your Daughter, or just need to feed a hungry kid… the Slowly But surely, My method, is working.

6th place under ALL

Ways to pay for my dreams

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Bitcoin Left || ETH Tron Network — Center || ETH — ERC 20 Network
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Cool Crypto Merch Available…. SVG’d by Me!

^^^ Pick your ETH ^^^^

Peace and Love

Anyone looking for a 4 track interfacel, hit me up. Bet offer or first offer gets it, Depending on my mood.

— Bodies X Wix -

Tyler Edw



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