Merry Crypto Christmas

I couldn’t believe that there was so much merchandise related to Crypto.

Check out the video because Santa wanted me to show you what kind of Crypto Merchandise is out there. And we chat about moving in a new direction next year. Yes, I’m talking about mining. Let’s see what we can do with 3 AMD cards and 1 Nvidia Card. Also, gotta have that extra power supply to run those graphics cards, I was told not to use Sata cards for energy. Grab and EVGA 750 watt power supply for 3 PCI-E risers. And we’ve got some solar pieces so we can go green. But we’re looking into more! Like the kind that will power a house! Stick around we have at least 3 more videos to do in just a short time.

  1. If you’ve been following me since February or prior, I did 2" Top 10 Altcoin” videos. And we’re gonna see what the real top 10 out of those 30 were and if you would’ve put $20 in each of them at the time I made the video, would we be in the positive or negative?
  1. Kucoin is having a Christmas giveaway. Join now by using the QR Code or link below to enter yourself into many prizes. Plus Kucoin is one of the best Central Exchanges out there. I love trading futures at 10x on Kucoin. Make $1000 in a day just scalping if you want, plus they have some of the best staking opportunities.

3. Don’t forget to download the Qoore App and follow me so you can catch my crypto trades and earn Smart Money with me. Follow this link.

Qooore App Logo

Last but not least, enjoyu tonights video. Santa wants you to see my Ethereum Coffee mug.



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