My Top 20 Altcoins predicted to Succeed in 2021

I created two videos back to back, February 6 and February 14, regarding some of the Cheaoper altcoins at the time. The type that you would possibly want to throw a $20 investment in that coin and hope it at least goes for 5X and sell it. Out of the twenty very few made it to 5X at some point. It was about 6 or 7 coins.Most made it to at least 2X o the price in February.

But I also find the dissappointments over time an where they would be today as well. Id you had put $20 in each of these how much your money would have grown by. How much you would have made if you sold them all at the top? It’s interesting data because I didn’t always pick winners. But it was fun to rehash what I had thought earlier in the year. And some I should’ve taken advice for myself, such as #AVAX #MANA #CAKE and #FTM Check out the video below. Less than 20 minutes so it won’t eat up your day.

Happy New Year. everyone and don’t forget to follow me on Qoore to receive my smart money trade call — Mobile Link only:



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