NFTSEA (NS) Coin is trying to Scam the interwebz, claiming to be the governance token of and guaranteeing $200,000 profit.

These kinds of things make me question the crypto market and the coin creators. I received this link from a friend to get involved in an airdrop ( Edit: Which is now down…) And after doing a little digging into Etherscan I realized that this coin had been “Selling” for 93 days They were just trying to pump up with hype and create something with the free money that they were receiving. And when I confronted them about it. They kicked me out of the group and told the group I must’ve been a loser new user…. No, I actually did research and tried to warn these people of getting scammed.

Check out the video as I search for anything on this coin and nothing is coming up. Even the Uniswap Contracts show Null.

Watch the short video here





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